The First Metaverse WAR

In an alternate universe, before the dawn of civilization, the Elephants and Apes went to war for complete dominion over the portal to the metaverse.

The Elephants crushed the Apes and wiped them out. In the ZONE, the Elephants evolved to be the most intelligent species in the metaverse.

These modern-day Elephants are furious, funky, and like us, they live and breathe esports and crypto, and binge eat Cheetos! Like their woollier ancestors, these Elephants have entered the ZONE to crush their opponents.

A daring adventurer Elephant finds several mysterious suits in a garden of tulips! Curious, the Elephants begin to investigate the reason behind the disappearance of these mysterious creatures.

To find out the truth, the Elephants will have to revive them using their DNA.

But what will they find?

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AFK Elephants are the most intelligent species in the metaverse, currently chilling in the Zone. The Elephants are all algorithmically generated with varying degrees of rare traits. Owning an AFK Elephant enables you to do everything in the ZONE Metaverse.
Whenever they feel like. We will tell you when we know!
Your eternal soul. Just kidding! Be on the lookout.
It’s up to The HERD to decide. Check out the roadmap to find out.
They are on the Algorand blockchain somewhere. We are looking too.

Our Roadmap

AFK Elephants arrive in the Zone Metaverse.

AFKELs website goes live.

Algorithmically generate 10,000 AFK Elephants NFTs.

Start pre-registration.

AFK Elephants take over the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

‘The First Metaverse War’ short is released in the wild.

Partnership with esports/sports personalities.

Issue Zone Token airdropping smart contract for AFKEL holders.

AFKELs come to Boundless Art. The biggest drop on the Algorand NFT platform.

The first batch of AFKEL NFTs go on sale.

Activate ‘The Herd’ on Discord at 20% sale of the first-batch.

Merch drop with well-known streetwear brands.

Partnership with professional athletes coupled with exclusive tiered access.

Integrate Pseudonymous Identities through AFK Elephants in the Zone ecosystem.

Organize IRL meetups for AFKEL holders.

Announcement of the First Zone event (All NFT holders get free access).

The AFK Elephants revive the mysterious creatures using their DNA.

Release the second part of AFKELs metaverse story.

The AFKEls Show goes live featuring various AFK characters.

More To be announced.